Vidya Jain

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What are contexts and issues that you work on? How are you using peace education to address these issues? What keeps you going?

My basic work is on Gandhian Thought, but I am focusing on understanding and resolving gender discrimination in Indian society. With my students and research scholars, we work on projects related to gender, patriarchy, caste differences, violence against women, and sexual violence. Peace education is a strong tool to resolve conflict in the community. By this, we sensitize both sexes to bring about psychological, sociological, and cultural change. I feel that by using simple idioms and symbols the change in mindset is possible.

What has been your most meaningful or noteworthy moment in your peace education career?

After attending IIPE in Cyprus I focused on the sensitization of the students coming from rural backgrounds who have a strong feudal and patriarchal mindset. Through continuous deliberations, I could really see the visible and significant change in their attitudes and behaviors. They were better men and better human beings.

How and why did you start working in peace education?

My interest in Gandhian thought is instrumental in making me interested in peace education. Gandhi believed that all change will begin in the mind of man and peace education hits the mind. So throughout my teaching career I shaped the students, communities and groups to become responsive and responsible human beings.