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What are contexts and issues that you work on? How are you using peace education to address these issues? What keeps you going?

People in my context have many differences among them, not all of them divide them, like the differences in customs that we share and exchange, remarkably so in the culinary front, to give a commonplace example. Some of them divide them greatly, like poverty and gender, but in my specific line of work, the difference that brings them apart is the difference in opportunities and in particular their access to wisdom about getting to know themselves and their relationship to otherness.

I work on a consultancy project based on Popular Education, Meditation, Tea, Community Development, and Sociocracy. This is a proposal to address the issues mentioned by establishing a themed encounter that promotes awareness through practice. This collective awareness is our goal. The practice we promote is the same one that we keep practicing ourselves. It relates to delving into what is sacred, meaningful, and dignified. Discovering and engaging with that. It is meant to do exactly this, going through all and any moments in your life, peacefully.

What has been your most meaningful or noteworthy moment in your peace education career?

Every time I have a Tea Ceremony is unique. Every time I meet with others there, or by myself, the experience demands all our attention and dedication. Each Tea Ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it is especially so when others are able to live it as well.

How and why did you start working in peace education?

By coincidence.

I had no job at the time, a couple of years ago. I was a private consultant for Community, Education and Development projects for a while. When my last contract finished, I was at the crossroads of what to do next. Tea came along and so did the rest of the minimum resources needed for it. It wasn't as obvious as it is now, but Tea was a big part of my life ever since I started with it in 2015. It grew to be a main component of my professional and personal life. It was pretty natural to come this way, although totally unexpected as well. The thing is, Tea and the three consultancy topics above have many great similarities, like the nuclear emphasis on collectively being well, a firm root in ancestry, and a keen sense for relativity. The complementary traits that each topic contributes, reinforces the inputs needed for what I am, and was, looking to achieve as a consultant, student, and child.