Maria Paula Unigarro Alba

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Affiliated Organizations
  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Universidad de los Andes
  • MPP Student, Hertie School of Governance
  • Leadership Board Member, Education for Global Peace (EGP)

What are contexts and issues that you work on? How are you using peace education to address these issues? What keeps you going?

In Colombia, my home country, and in other Latin-American countries where I have worked, I have seen deep social divisions based on political ideologies and cultural identities. Broadly speaking, I have witnessed how social tissue is destroyed, even at the family level, because of fear – fear of difference resulting in the denial of rights to others as a mechanism to protect their own. My experience in peace education is related to research and the design of pedagogical resources. I have conducted studies about violence and social conflicts and, based on the results, I have elaborated recommendations to address such issues from the policy level. Additionally, I have designed pedagogical material on peace culture to promote conflict transformation between communities and government officials. In bad moments, I remind myself that even though I cannot see the changes I would like to, the best I can do is to try to positively impact my community.