Mica Segal de la Garza

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What are contexts and issues that you work on? How are you using peace education to address these issues? What keeps you going?

In my identity, in my daily work, and in my global community, there are divisions galore and there are also an abundance of wonderful bridges that transform them. Peace Education encourages our humanity and our world to become the focus and impetus for learning.

What has been your most meaningful or noteworthy moment in your peace education career?

The most striking moment is complex to describe, but the feeling of *click* and sync that happens when we SEE and HEAR and FEEL for one other is the ultimate moment of peace education. There are also wonderful moments when my students become real-life embodiments of conflict transformation, decolonizing their/our minds, creativity, empathy, love, and community building.

How and why did you start working in peace education?

IIPE 2013 was my formal entry to the field when I realized I had found people who spoke about what I had been imagining and aiming for as an educator. I work as a peace educator because I believe that we have the possibility, within each of us, to live in peace, to live at peace, and to live as peace.