Rosie Manmeet Chawla

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What are contexts and issues that you work on? How are you using peace education to address these issues? What keeps you going?

Peace Education in China is a sensitive topic and it is not taught in formal school structures. Many minorities in China do not have equal rights and services as citizens, including limitations to their lower and higher education, healthcare, travelling in and out the country and social status. As a Global Project Advisor, I create initiatives on peace-building and conflict resolution, as well as working on raising awareness. My work includes partnering with both US and UK consulates to create events, conduct lectures in various institutions where students and teachers invite me due to my social impact work, and I develop training programs and projects on various topics both for teachers and youth impact groups, ranging from gender equality to ecological activities. I am also active as a speaker and participate in forums, along with a continuous effort to build China’s global partnership with stakeholders to continue PE initiatives. In the last two years we collaborated with a NGO in Nepal to stop child marriages and foster access to education. I am also a guest lecturer on conflict resolution and I organize events and workshops on topics such as social inclusion.

What has been your most meaningful or noteworthy moment in your peace education career?

My most striking moment was when my work really succeeded and grew. The work now has its own identity and I am recognized as an ally in China who believes in peace and equality for all. This is highly important in a country like China because only through trust and cooperation can my work grow and only through external partnerships many initiatives are possible.

How and why did you start working in peace education?

My education at Columbia University greatly inspired me to do good. I was hungry to serve. Money mattered only to pay my loans and success was more about making a difference and facing those challenges that come with it. I had no plans to move to China and when I did, I had no hope how this would work. No-one had done what I am doing, I was told on the phone "conflict resolution and peace work may not be possible" and my own company and I are amazed at outcomes. My ideas plus creativity is able to unite people, build understanding, share resources, support one another and launch collaborations that do further good for society.